The Daily News
By Ellie Hanley
Special to The Daily News

Published January 20, 2011

I want Kathy Bates to play me in the story of my life.

Many years ago, I zeroed in on Kathy Bates as the perfect woman to play me in the movie called “The Life and Times of Ellie Hanley.” I am not talking about Kathy Bates in “Misery” or “Dolores Claiborne.” And please don’t track to “About Schmidt.” Even with Jack Nicholson, I just can’t do the topless thing.

No, I am recommitting to Kathy Bates in “Harry’s Law.” She defended a young man with a drug problem. She used her heart and the language I need to help people understand recovery from substance abuse.

This month, I mark 11 years as the director of The Alcohol/Drug Abuse Women’s Center. During that time, I have seen more than 1,000 women seize the opportunity to change the trajectory of their lives through treatment. Click here to read the full article.


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