I had it all and lost it all…including myself. Addiction doesn’t care who you are…race, age, social standing. After my husband left me I didn’t care whether I lived or died…I was angry & miserable. Anger Management classes changed my life– I didn’t know how to deal with anger and learned coping skills that I use every day…One Day at a Time. ADA taught me how to use my voice. With the staff’s support –I learned so much.

Magic happened to me…Changed my life.                Barbara, Sobriety Date 8/30/12

Although most of us wish that life came with an instruction manual,  life is a job we learn by trial and error.  Certainly, there are the examples of those who have gone before us, but often we find that what appeared to be a simple step forward is a slip on a banana peel followed by many attempts to regain a sense of balance.  It may appear funny to those watching, but in the moment, it is seldom amusing for the acrobat. When we lose our direction, life can become a series of missteps we repeat because what is familiar is better than what is unknown.

So, what is the lesson Barbara offers?  She is telling both the suffering addict and those who love her that a life lost to addiction can be found again.  Balance can be gained, and sanity restored.  She is saying that she is not alone in a scary place anymore. She found help and hope which blossomed into a daily practice of skills that once felt awkward but are now the magic of recovery.

If this is your story, please call us today.



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