ADA, the Alcohol/Drug Abuse Women’s Center, provides Texas Department of State Health Services licensed intensive  treatment for indigent women in Galveston and Brazoria Counties in coastal Texas.

This is a residential program consisting of two levels of care, intensive residential and specialized female services. During intensive treatment, the client will participate in 30 hours of group each week, attend daily 12-Step meetings and meet individually with her counselor for one hour each week to address her specific treatment plan. The typical daily schedule is from 6:30 AM to 10:00 PM. Chores are assigned weekly and rotate from client to client. Specialized female services include parenting and trauma informed treatment. This phase of treatment can last from 14-45 days.

Occupational therapy is offered to clients during both intensive and supportive levels of treatment. Occupational therapy provides clients with opportunities for life skills development and for creative self expression related to a recovery theme. Specific life skills sessions include stress, time, and anger management, problem solving, effective communication, nutritious meal preparation, and budgeting. Each self-development and life skills session occupies clients with the use of personal skills that are essential to a life of sobriety.

After successful completion of treatment, clients are referred for additional supportive treatment available through the Gulf Coast Center.